Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sharing our lives

Well here we are sharing our lives with people outside of our families and friends in a effort to share the amazing journey that all of us have taken to to adopt and raise children with medical/physical disabilities along with some children with Mental health diagnosis too.
We are a group of God loving Mumma's that came together many years ago to support and encourage each other in our journey of adopting children that the system had fogotten or that alot of families dismissed due to their disabilities or medical issues.

Check back on a regular basis to have a wonderful insight into our families.


baby~amore' said...

hi Nicki
welcome to the blogosphere.

I am in awe of the amazing love you have to take these precious little ones into your hearts and families.

mtdebbers said...

As one of the LAFF Mummas I'm adding my two cents worth. Parenting isn't for the faint hearted nor does it come with guarantees that our children will be healthy physically or mentally. Those of you who gave birth to your children know that very well, but those of us who adopt we sometimes know in advance that our children are affected by their past and we accept them anyway, much like birth children.
Sometimes we find out that our children are so damaged by what they've experienced that there isn't any amount of love, mental health help that will fix our child. Sometimes we have to let go and let someone else parent these children as they see us as the enemy and fight us tooth and nail to keep us away from reaching their hearts. They create so much havoc and turmoil that our lives are literally a mine field and we don't know when it will blow up.
Some of us, myself included have had to place our child out of home and parent from a distance. Residential treatment homes, therapeutic homes, group homes and sometimes back into foster care with specialized parenting skills.
One wouldn't think it would matter what home they are in but it does. They feel safer with the familiar routines established in these places and they know that the staff is just that, staff and not parents. Not someone who has been and will continue to love them.
I wish it were easy for these children, that the damage they suffered could be magically erased, that a nose twitched or a hand waved would bring them the healing they need.
And sometimes as parents we have to let go of their hearts and hands for a little while or a long while and love them from afar where they feel safe.
So here's to all of us parents who love children despite themselves.